LAB anna rachele collection expresses a strong and contemporary identity, redefining cuts and shapes with its vision: original, modern and funny.
Fresh style, cheerful and sophisticated; glamour and sporty at the same time, with an hyper feminine attitude.
Romantic yet gently gritty, firm yet kind, graceful in its security, for a woman who loves contrasts, strong and unconventional combinations. A unique style that mixes sexy sportswear with poetry, deconstruction games and eclectic shapes

ANNA RACHELE collection has an unmistakable syle, it is attentive to fashion and translates it with personality, femininity and glamour combinations.
It’s unique, magnetic, incisive, vain and magical.
Elegant, irresistible and sensual.
Sophisticated and precious collection, contaminated by a scathing modernity that makes it original and rare.
With a fresh and metropolitan appearence; it is the idea of an understated luxury that this collection aims to communicate.